Signs Your Child is a Cyberbullying Victim

Signs Your Child is a Cyberbullying Victim

Cyberbullying is one of the most common online dangers, and kids and teens are particularly susceptible because they tend to take their tormentor's words to heart and resist confiding in their own parents.

And with these statistics in mind, it's an especially important part of parenting to recognize the signs of cyberbullying, such as

Child Appears nervous when receiving a text, instant message, or email

Seems that baby uneasy about going to school or pretends to be ill

Your child does not want to share information about online activity

Unexplained anger or depression, especially after going online

Abruptly shutting off or walking away from the computer mid-use

To find out exactly if your child has become a victim of cyberbullying, install Refog Keylogger on your child's computer or phone. This program will record for you the texts of messages that your child receives and sends.

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