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buy targeted members


Use photos and beautiful photos a lot
Audiences of social and communication networks, especially Telegram, are very interested in images and therefore pay more attention to posts that have photos.

12- Preparing an educational video with subtitles
If you are the director of an educational channel where the content is not taught not to be photographed, try to make a good educational video and create suitable subtitles for the film.

If you are faced with the difficulty of not sending Telegram photos or not loading photos and videos, we suggest you read 7 ways to solve the problem of not sending, distributing and not opening photos, videos, etc. in Telegram.

13- Creating contests, more selected discounts, requests for channel members
However, once you put a contest and interesting facilities in your channel, the most famous of these contests is as an example of a baby photo contest, which you can participate in by sending a photo of your child.

Or a competition that is held for handicrafts, you can participate in the competition by sending a round photo of your work, and if the number of views of your photo is the most, you will be the winner of this competition.

If you are the manager of a sales channel, you can offer more selective discounts from time to time to attract buyers, or you can also consider a request group for the Telegram music channel.
14- Be punctual
Posting time is very important in Telegram. You should choose to post or time when you think your users and members are more online and have the patience to summon the content of the channels. For example, evenings and late nights are the times when most people have free time and spend this time checking social networks.

Reading your content will both increase the number of views of your posts and increase the open tolerance of their publication and thus the recognition of your page.

15 In your photos, leave your mark
When posting, be sure to include your channel address in your post to make it easier for people to access your channel. You can also put the channel address on the photos you publish. In this face, both the suspicion of abuse and theft of your channel is reduced, and if the content is not republished openly from your channel, your finger will be on your photos. As a result, its main source is easily traceable.

So people who are interested in your content can easily find you and become your Telegram member.

buy targeted members


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