How to Do a Voice Over Video Easily

If you struggle with creating voiceover videos, there’s an effective solution. We have collected useful tips that will help beginners master voice over video editing. You will be able to make your video accessible to a larger audience. So let’s find how to make a high-quality voice rec

Tips for Creating Exceptional Voice Overs

Before you start recording, explore these tips and tricks that will help you make a professional voice over video. Preparation and practice will bring your voice recordings to a brand new level. 

  • Use an external microphone to ensure a high-quality sound and minimize noize;
  • Prepare a soundproofed, quiet space, eliminating external sounds with pillows and clothes;
  • Your equipment plays a huge role in a good recording, so acquire a headset, powerful computer, mic, and software. 
  • Prepare a script for a smooth and confident recording;
  • Try to sound natural and conventional, maintaining a stable voice tone;
  • Speak clearly and avoid monotonous voice to engage the audience; 
  • Do test recording to fine-tune your speaking and get used to your voice;
  • Do not try to record the whole script at once, as you can connect clips when editing the video.

How to Add a Voice-Over to the Video 

A traditional way to create a voiceover video is to prepare a script and record an audio file. Then this file is imported to an editing program and synchronized with the video. You will have to create a new project and add the necessary files to it. This method allows you to create voiceover videos on your smartphone using special apps. 

But there are some disadvantages of a traditional voice-over process as your audio recording should be of high quality or even performed by actors. You will not have the possibility to express your emotions and thoughts about the video, speaking in a way you feel. It’s much harder to connect with the audience since they are demanding personal, authentic stories. 

How to Record a Voiceover Video 

A popular voice over video practice is using special software for voice recording. It’s crucial to choose a professional tool with a range of editing features. Connect your external mic to the computer and make a voice-over in a few steps. 

Most programs operate in the same way. You should launch the software and create a new project. Import all the necessary files and select a voiceover option. Record your speaking and edit the audio file if needed. You can remove pauses, add special effects, and adjust volume, speed, and more. 

High-quality editing tools have advanced features, allowing users to transcribe the recording and use closed captions. Set the video quality, and export the file in the desired format or share it directly via social media. 

How to Add Voice-Over to Video Online

There are plenty of top-quality programs you do not have to install on your device and work online. Consider that you should have a stable internet connection for smooth video editing. All you need to do is find a decent tool and upload your files. You can record your voice and add it to the video online. Edit your project and save in the desired format or share it on social media. 


Now you know how to create an impressive voiceover video in a few simple steps. Do not be afraid to experiment and stand out with your voice recording. We hope that these tips will help you master voice-over basics and then develop your skills. Generate high-quality voice over videos and achieve success.

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