Impotence Basics

Well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer Centurion Laboratories composes Cenforce 130 mg medicine. The medicine is composed of Sildenafil Citrate in a green triangle shaped conventional tablet form for oral consumption.

Get Yourself Acquainted With The Concept
Erectile dysfunction or impotence occurs as a result of inadequate blood flow to the male reproductive organs which limits them from indulging in penetrative sex. The problem becomes more common with age and, there is a high chance of young males getting affected too. Basically, the younger a man is, the better the condition of his sexual function, as well as reproductive health, will be. ED medication, Cenforce 130 ensures its prompt action in treating severe degrees of erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 130 effectively treats the condition by augmenting sufficient blood flow to the reproductive organs and making it easy to get an erection for indulging in sexual intercourse.

Moreover, various methods of treatments can prove to be effective for men of all ages but inculcating healthy habits such as routine exercising, consuming nutritious diets, and abstaining from alcohol or smoking beforehand, especially in the early stage will prove beneficial.   

Impotence can be a cause of a variety of factors or sometimes a combination of several factors that might include psychological, neurological, hormonal, and vascular disorders. Recreational drugs, nicotine, chronic diseases, prostate surgeries, as well as the natural aging process, also may contribute to the problem.  

Invest In A Healthy, Nutritious Diet
A healthy diet may help as part of your overall treatment. You must include foods that are rich in antioxidants such as leafy green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, and fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C including, blueberries, strawberries, orange, kiwi, and grapefruit. Include lots of nuts and seeds in your diet. To boost your stamina, you must include foods like turkey, tuna, and chicken that have amino acids, which may help your body make serotonin. Good sources of healthy proteins include beans and peas, lean beef, low-fat cheese, fish, milk, poultry, soy products, and yogurt. Stop consuming junk and processed food that is loaded with unhealthy fats, calories, and sugars. Such food puts you at risk of getting affected by severe medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular disorders. 

Give Up Alcohol And Smoking
Alcohol profoundly alters an individual’s mood, behavior, and neuropsychological functioning due to its psychoactive properties. It is considered a central nervous system depressant that slows down brain functioning and neural activity. It majorly impacts sexual desire and affects the ability to maintain an erection.

In addition, smoking damages erectile function through vascular mechanisms. The chemicals released in the bloodstream due to smoking is responsible for the impairment of the walls of the penile blood vessels along with the depletion of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a powerful substance that relaxes the smooth muscles in the penile, overcomes blockages by performing vasodilation in the blood vessels, and instigates proper blood flow to the penile for promoting an erection.

The damaging effects of these psychoactive substances deplete the nitric oxide, however, Cenforce 130 is a PDE5 inhibitor that releases abundant nitric oxide. Nitric oxide synthesizes the cyclic GMP molecule, which is mainly responsible for causing vasodilation, managing constriction, and augmenting blood flow to the penile blood vessels, and in turn, it helps in sustaining the erection.